Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rock That Crowd! everythingwerenot

This is an epic party anthem in a genre that combines dance with elements of pop and rock. It’s the kind of thing artists like Pink, Rihanna or Katy Perry excel at.

Starting out with a quirky electric guitar riff, it takes just a couple of seconds before the first synth pops up and a driving four on the floor kick enters. After expanding on that for a couple of rounds the chorus starts of with a contemporary reverby guitar theme supported by some acoustic guitars and a piano before the big kickdrum and synthsounds take over truly making it a party anthem.

This song might just take your girls night out/urban fashion/twenty something lifestyle video through the roof!

July 2014 update:

Two versions are now included; the original (01:55) and an alternative version (01:55) that doesn’t feature the driving distorted synth coming in at 0:15 and is mastered just a little softer and more mellow. Start listening at 01:55 to hear the alternative.

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Rock That Crowd! everythingwerenot

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